Friday, May 25, 2012

Treating ED in Overweight Men using Cialis

Excessive weight can cause men to suffer from erectile dysfunction, especially if they have an underlying medical condition. Studies have shown that overweight men may have low testosterone levels. And testosterone levels decrease further in overweight men who also have certain medical problems such as diabetes.
Depression is one of many contributing factors of impotence, and one cause for men becoming depressed is being overweight. Cialis has been shown to help men with weight issues return to healthy sexual activities. But for the drug to be as effective as possible, there are additional steps overweight men can take to reduce ED symptoms.
Change Eating Habits
Begin by determining what your typical daily calorie intake is and then compare that against recommended calories based on your age and height. Part of this will be based on Body Mass Index (BMI) guidelines. The fastest way to reduce calories is by eating smaller portions. You also want to eat less high-fat foods. The better you eat the more energy you will have and less depressed you will feel. Addressing these factors can improve the effectiveness of ED drugs.
Consume Less Alcohol
Men can often put on weight because they drink too much alcohol. If you drink excessively, you should seek medical assistance to stop drinking to minimize withdrawal symptoms. You should not mix alcohol with ED medications so it is recommended you deal with any substance use issues you have prior to using this medication. If you are not sure if you have an alcohol addiction, consult a doctor for advice.
Exercise Regularly
This can be as simple as taking daily walks or taking the stairs at working instead of using elevators. Exercise strengthens your heart which reduces risks during sexual activity. You will also have more energy which translates into greater stamina. The more you move about, the less tired you will be, and the stronger your libido. A strong libido enhances the effects of ED medication.
Since these drugs do not cause or increase arousal, it is necessary to address libido and testosterone issues before seeking drug intervention for your ED symptoms. Taking ED pills when you have a weak libido may increase your feelings of inadequacy. Cialis can only work properly if you are able to become aroused. When following these recommendations it becomes possible for overweight man to have a strong sex drive and this will improve the way Cialis is able to treat ED symptoms in terms of overall effectiveness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heart disease and taking Levitra

There's a phrase that has more general application than we might choose to give it. For now, "come out of the closet" has tended to be limited to the gay community. Yet, before the introduction of the little blue pills some fourteen years ago, none of the straight community wanted to come out and admit they were suffering erectile dysfunction. The level of shame was, if anything, more serious than for a gay man who was, in the final analysis, still able to function sexually. Yet, when news broke of a pill to solve the problem, the dam burst or perhaps that should be the introduction of a new idiom, "shame be damned". Admitting to having erectile dysfunction and then claiming their prescription as some sort of award was now something men were queuing up to do.
Come forward fourteen years and there are erectile dysfunction ads on television and in places of male worship like baseball grounds. According to the latest estimates, some 30 million American men are affected by erectile dysfunction. It's a problem that grows more common due to aging. Only about 5% of men are affected during their 50s, about 16% during their 60s and just under 50% over 75. This means some communities have higher rates than others. In Florida and other snow bird and retirement areas, there tend to be more older people. The extent to which the men are affected is only partly physical. Most men tend to be more sexually active if they are socially confident and have good self-esteem.
The important factor in all this is the relationship between erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Given that one of the most common causes of dysfunction is artherosclerosis and this is also an early symptom of heart disease, the link is clear. There's a small mountain of research evidence showing that, if the first signs of erectile dysfunction come in men in the younger age brackets, there's a high risk of a stroke or heart attack within five years. The risk goes up if the men are smokers and drink alcohol in significant amounts. Now let's come to the erectile dysfunction drugs. Although artherosclerosis disrupts the way in which the penile artery works, the use of one of the erectile dysfunction drugs will produce erections again in most cases. It's impossible to predict how long the erections will continue. Many men who begin taking the less strong drugs, find the benefits can fade quite quickly at lower dosages. Before too long, it's necessary to move up in strength. For the record, the strongest of the three drugs is Levitra. It produces the best results at the lowest dosages. Unfortunately, using any of these drugs is hiding the symptoms of developing heart disease! That's right. Because you are encouraged to act as though nothing is wrong by using the drug rather than seeking treatment for the real cause of erectile dysfunction, it will kill you.
The moral of this story is absolutely clear. If erectile dysfunction affects you before or during your 50s, get a full medical check. Should your regular physician confirm the presence of other symptoms of heart disease, you just saved your life. Instead of relying on Levitra to treat the symptom, get treatment for the cause and enjoy a long life full of sexual activity.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cialis - is it right for you?

Maybe things haven't been going quite the way you planned. You might have recently experienced a very common problem when having sex with your partner. You may not have been all you wanted to be. Does that mean you suffer from erectile dysfunction? The answer may surprise you.
Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common ailment in men. More than 50% of men over 40 experience ED. It is less common in men in their thirties; even less in their twenties without some other underlying physical or mental problem. With the introduction of drugs like Cialis, more men are finding out they are not alone, and are having a talk with their doctors about what is right for them.
Take a few minutes to ask yourself some tough questions:
  • Are you slow to become erect?
  • Is it difficult getting hard enough to penetrate your partner?
  • Is it getting more difficult to maintain an erection during sex with your partner?
  • Are you hesitant to initiate sex because you can't maintain your erection?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then:
  • Has it happened more than once?
  • Is it becoming more frequent?
Yes? Well, you are not alone. You don't have to feel ashamed or stressed about your performance. Consult with your doctor and find out what you can do to remedy your ED. You might be surprised how easy to is to treat. You doctor might prescribed an ED treatment like cialis, or combination of life changes (like diet and exercise) and Cialis.
ED affects more than your sex life. It adds undue stress. It affects your relationship with your partner. Often men who suffer from untreated ED suffer a loss in self-confidence, indifference, low self-esteem, and even depression. ED takes away from your quality of life, and a simple treatment like Cialis can bring that back. What are you waiting for; a conversation with your doctor can make a big change in your quality of life. Ask your doctor what treatment is right for you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Choose a Drtg Rehab Center in California

The best place where you can get your addiction perfectly treated is a drug rehab center. Addiction causes painful withdrawal symptoms. And however persistent you try to fight those symptoms, you will hardly be able to overcome them because they are so painful that no one is hardly able to bear them. Withdrawal symptoms can even be dangerous and fatal if they are caused by such highly addictive substances as barbiturates. Only a drug rehab center can help you get through those symptoms and be able to completely withdraw from drug and alcohol abuse. Therefore, if you think that your addiction has started devastating your life, consider visiting a drug rehab center so that you can get your addiction perfectly treated.
Residents who live in Fremont and Irvine can find a reliable Drug Rehab Fremont California and one in Irvine conveniently using internet. Therefore, if you want to get your addiction treated, you can start by opening your internet browser and using online search engine to find all drug rehab centers in California, especially ones located in Fremont and Irvine. From your online searching, you should be able to list a number of drug rehab centers in those two cities. To narrow down your list, you can choose a drug rehab center whose drug rehab program is right for you. You can also consult your doctor to find out which one of those centers is the most suitable for you.
To determine whether the program that is carried out in the Drug Rehab Irvine California is suitable for you, there are many factors that you should keep in your mind. Firstly, decide whether you want to stay in the facility or not so that you can make a decision of whether to take inpatient or outpatient program. Secondly, decide whether you want to be treated medically or holistically. And thirdly, decide whether you prefer spiritual or secular treatment when you want to get your mental illness cured. All of those decisions are clues that you can use to choose the right drug rehab center.