Sunday, February 5, 2012

Type 2 Diabetes - Critical Tips for Diabetics

It is true Type 2 diabetes is at epidemic levels world-wide... isn't that amazing, it's not a condition that is transferred by a virus! Not like the flu, yet it's up and running affecting people in all age groups. Although it is affecting younger and younger people, its primary candidates are mature people. As well as dealing with the effects of aging, there is then the need to change a lifestyle you have become accustomed to. And feeling deprived of favorite foods, and added to that a fear of developing a complication are further stresses to deal with.

It is true Type 2 diabetes requires constant attention. If you don't give it the attention it commands, there are sure to be dire consequences. Even if you decide not to be diligent about monitoring your blood sugar like you should, there are still some key points that you need to keep in mind.

Here are 5 tips to use, no matter what your age:

1. Watch out for foods that contain hidden fats, especially saturated ones. Fats are not good for anyone, but they are especially bad for diabetics. They can easily throw off the diabetic's already delicate system.

How do you find hidden fats? You first have to read labels. Don't assume the food is healthy, even if it carries a healthy sounding name. Everyone has a different definition for what they consider healthy. When manufacturers define a particular food is healthy, they aren't always taking people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes into consideration.

2. Another way is to be extra careful when you eat out. Restaurants are more interested in making food taste good than whether or not it is healthy. One of the downfalls of eating out is the huge portions of meat and dairy they often serve you. Think about ordering the "junior" portion of meat, prime rib, and steaks when they are available.

3. Visit your doctor regularly. There is a reason why your doctor wants to see you at specific intervals. It's because they need to make sure you are correctly monitoring your blood sugar levels. They also need to ensure that there are no new developments in your health.

If you have to re-schedule an appointment, then make it up as quickly as possible. If there aren't any problems then you have peace-of-mind. If there is something you need to be made aware of, then you would want to know about it as soon as possible, right?

4. Visit your dentists twice yearly. Many people avoid the dentist. But diabetics, of all people, can't afford to allow this to happen. Why? Because besides looking after your teeth, your dentist can also inform you if they see any complications in your mouth. People with diabetes have a higher incidence of gum disease. This can happen at any age, so make sure you perform good oral health morning and night.

As you can see there are several telltale signs that show up first in your mouth. Having someone else besides your doctor looking out for your condition is always a good idea.

5. Take good care of your feet. A diabetic's feet are one of the first places they will experience trouble. Even when all else appears to be fine, problems with you feet are a warning there is an underlying issue. Nerve damage, tingling sensations, infections, cuts that won't heal and numbness are ways your feet are trying to tell you they need attention. Make it a point to routinely inspect your feet... thoroughly.

It is hard to realize the readings on your glucose meter do relate to the future health of your body, especially your feet and legs. Keeping your blood sugar in the ideal target range each day, is worth so much when it comes to your entire body, not just your feet and toes. If you think and act on the small stuff, you can get huge results.

Work Out In Your Own Private Gym

When it comes to your health and keeping your body in a well maintained condition it is important. In reality it should not matter how much you spend to make sure that your body is at its best. This is especially true if you are someone that plays sports for a job. Sure there are a lot of people that say to have a gym and the proper gym equipment it would cost them tens of thousands of pounds to get the things that they need. However that is not true as you can find great deals, especially when buying numerous machines and equipment together.

As long as you have some space available you can easily create a home gym of just equipment that you want to use. This means that you can access your gym whenever you want and can workout more often. If you just went to a regular gym you may not even get on the machine of your choice and will waste petrol money but if it is in your house you can use it day or night.

Also paying for gym memberships can really add up so buying your own machines will save you money in the long run if you are serious about working out. Some people can get embarrassed about attending a gym as you are self conscious that people will watch you and you do not work out as hard. Within the comfort of your own home you can sweat and train as much as you want without anybody looking. You are bound to have completed a much more vigorous session.

Although you may not like other people watching it can benefit working out alongside somebody else. If you have a friend who you take part in a sport with it could be beneficial for you both to train together. I am sure that they will love coming round to your private gym than a public one too. This way you watch each other to help improve techniques and also make sure that you are both safe when using machines and weights.

If you wanted to train in a more natural and cheap way you could of course go for a run but this has its downsides. You will not be working out all of the muscles that you need to. Also weather can have a huge impact on peoples mood to actual participate in exercise. So if you have to go out in freezing snow or torrential rain, somehow I think you will not be going out running!

The Purpose Of Wearing Trainers

Trainers are shoes that are used by athletes when they train for different sports. The shoes are specially designed to strengthen and protect the athlete's feet when they are training. One pair of shoes can be used for several different sports and gym activities. Their extra support makes them good for sports like basket ball and tennis as they support your feet when you move around the court and do zigzag movements.

What is the advantage of using these types of shoes rather than running shoes? Firstly running shoes are specifically designed for practicing running. They are made so that they literally propel you forward and improve your speed. When you use trainers they will support your feet more by evenly by distributing the weight. This will therefore make you more stable. They will provide you a little propulsion which is good for short runs. However they should not be used for a lot of running because they will wear out quickly. Additionally they are heavier shoes and not so flexible for doing fast turns and sprints etc.

With their extra support they will help the wearer to feel more comfortable in other active sports apart from running. Many people who play tennis and badminton use these. They are also good for gym workouts, like weight lifting, because they offer support on a multi dimensional basis.

The advantages of trainers:
• Firstly they have wide multipurpose soles that will give extra stability and lateral support. These soles are constructed from durable rubber that wears well and can be used anywhere. This will take care of your exercise needs, outside, in the gym or even on the tennis court.
• The midsoles give good cushioning for the forefoot and heels of the foot which makes for extra comfort and stability.
• The uppers of good shoes should be leather with a good lace up system. Leather will help the foot to breathe and the laces will help to give extra support.

When selecting trainers you should always check these three points and be sure you are getting good quality. Better quality footwear will save you money in the long run as they will last longer. Additionally they will give you more support and allow you to perform better. There are a number of different varieties that are good for different purposes. No matter what machine you are using at a gym in public or at home, you should have on suitable footwear to make sure you will stay firmly on the machinery. Also it will provide support so you do not damage your ankles or feet.

How To Tan Your Underarms

Why would you want to tan your underarms, anyway. If you want to make sure that your skin color looks natural, then you should even it out by tanning under your arms.

If you want to tan your underarms naturally, the best way would be to do it outdoors on a sunny day. Lie down on a pool lounge, lift up your arms, and let the sun radiate its ultraviolet rays onto your underarms for about a half hour, depending on the sun rays' intensity.

This natural method is the way to go in tropical climates with almost permanent sunny weather. But, depending on your location, you can also try alternative methods, which are also highly effective, and fairly simple to do.

Self-Tanning Lotions

In order to use self-tanning lotions, you need to do some research about the best ones available in stores, or on the internet. Once you decide on the one that will suit your needs, you can begin the process by taking the following steps before applying the lotion to your body:

    Shave your underarms before the application.
    Thoroughly exfoliate your underarms a few days before the application
    Use an effective moisturizer every day starting a week before the application

You want to both exfoliate and moisturize your underarms, so that they can be cleared of all dead skin cells that prevent the absorption of the tanning lotion onto your skin.

Once you have completed these steps, you can start applying the lotion to tan your underarms. The whole process takes time, and requires a great deal of dedication and patience, to make sure that you are using a safe indoor tanning technique. Keep applying the self-tanning lotion to your underarms for several days, until you see the results that you desire.

Bronzer or Airbrush

This indoor technique will usually require that you visit a tanning salon nearby. Most salons can apply a bronzer that instantaneously gives you a tan on whatever part of your body you want. Or you can choose to use an airbrush, which is good if you plan to tan your entire body. In this case, since you are only interested in tanning your underarms, you can opt for either technique.

The airbrush technique basically works by having a technician spray the tanning solution onto a specific part of your body. You can lift your arms and have an instant tan on your underarms, without much effort or pain - unlike what is sometimes experienced using natural sunlight.

Tanning Bed

The final technique that we will discuss is the tanning bed. To tan your underarms using a tanning bed, you have to lie down with your arms open either face up or down on the tanning bed. Set the intensity, and stay in the bed for about 20 minutes until you have the color you want.

One of the disadvantages of using this method is that most of your body gets tanned, instead of just the part that you wanted. Tanning beds vary in intensity, and it is important to always wear a tanning lotion made exclusively for use with tanning beds.

These are the three options available for tanning your underarms, in addition to natural sun tanning. Take the proper precautions for each method, and enjoy the benefits of tanning either naturally or indoors responsibly.

How to Exercise With Psoriasis

It is clear that exercise can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from psoriasis. But for many, there are some tricky dilemmas when it comes to stepping into that gym. Here are the three major problems and some helpful solutions.

Problems You Might Face Whilst Exercising With Psoriasis

Often highly-visible, psoriasis can often cause individuals to become extremely self-conscious. Showcasing your red and scaly elbows to an entire row of body-building enthusiasts or trim gym-bunnies is something you would rather avoid!

Having dry, cracked and irritated skin can be very uncomfortable. Exercise can exacerbate affected areas, and the buckets of sweat don't help either!

When exercising with psoriasis, one needs to be careful not to injure the skin. Affected areas can be extremely fragile, and when traumatised can take extra-long to heal or worsen. This is known as the Koebner response, which describes how psoriasis spreads to areas of skin injury and trauma, like cuts. Perhaps rugby or extreme sumo wrestling aren't the sports for you., and whatever you do, don't sign up to the UFC!

The Solutions

Exercise at Home
If you feel too uncomfortable at the local swimming pool why not exercise at home? Invest in a treadmill, yoga mat or buy the latest celebrity exercise video! Here, you can work out in the privacy of your own home, and even belt out some of your favourite exercise tunes.

Exercise Outside
Get out of the house and go for a jog, book a tennis court with a friend, or head to the gym before anyone else gets there! Out and about, there won't be as many stares.

Try and Get Over It
The reality is - you can't hide forever! The longer you exercise in the presence of others, the more comfortable it will become. Being open about your psoriasis with other gym regulars can also really help! You underestimate how understanding and accepting people can be.

Wear Appropriate Workout Gear
Wearing loose fitting, light and comfortable clothing has 2 main benefits. Firstly, you can use all those folds to hide your psoriasis. Instead of shorts and a t-shirt, pick up some light sweatpants and a long-sleeved top! Secondly, loose fitting and light work-out clothes will reduce friction and sweating. Time to throw those spandex shorts out!

Moisturise and moisturise! Use your favourite moisturiser to lubricate the places most likely to be aggravated by exercise, and enjoy a gentle shower afterwards so not to aggravate your problem spots.

Choose the Right Exercise
Choosing the right type of exercise is also important. For those with extra sensitive skin you will want to avoid those hard-hitting contact sports in order to reduce the risk of injury. Instead, try some non-contact sports such as tennis, cricket or volleyball. If you suffer from psoriatic arthritis, it is best to stay away from heavy-duty sports and practise some gentle tai-chi or yoga. Other appropriate activities include aerobic-type exercises such as walking, biking, running and swimming.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Monday Diet

How many of you have a new diet you plan to start on Monday?

I can't tell you how many Mondays in my life I have:

    Started a new diet
    Planned to start a new diet
    Never actually got started on the planned new diet
    Never made it through the first full day of the new diet

I see people that haven't been active in a while decide on Monday they are going to start working out hard and they are miserable after the first day. Or they decide on Monday they will never eat chocolate or any other of their favorite foods again because you can't have certain foods on the diet they are about to start.

And some decide to do both and add in the activity and drastically restrict their food on the same day. I'm guilty of doing all of that for years. There were times I could even keep it going for months, but there was always a breaking point that I just couldn't do it any longer. And eventually I would gain it all back. It was just a matter to time.

I always believed every time this happened the problem was me. It took me a long time to realize I was not the problem, but all of the rules and restrictions that come with so many of the diets was the real problem.

I'd do the big before the Monday Diet Weekend Binge because I wanted one last taste of all of the foods I had to give up on Monday. My stomach would be hurting, but I still kept eating all weekend long to prepare for the new diet I would be starting on Monday.

Often, by Monday afternoon I had already "cheated", was on another binge and already planning my diet I was going to start the next Monday. That's just the way it works when you are a compulsive over-eater.

The one thing that I have used my whole life to bring me comfort and happiness the diets wanted to totally take away from me. So even when I succeed on diets and did lose large amounts of weight guess what the first thing was I reached for to celebrate my success? Food.

When I decided to stop depriving myself and focusing on my health my life really started changing that very day. I still have days that I make choices that aren't totally healthy, but the wonderful thing is that instead of thinking "I Cheated" I think to myself I will make better choices for my next meal or snack and it will all even out. And it does. In the past I would have felt like I had cheated on my diet, so I might as well go ahead and go crazy.

You can't "cheat" on your lifestyle because nothing is off limits. When you are on a lifestyle instead of being on a diet your goal is a life long journey of learning, doing a little better each day and always moving forward.

I know for some people this is so hard to hear and wrap your mind around because we have been told for years we must be tough on ourselves and deprive ourselves. Has it worked it for you so far?

If you woke up today ready to start a new fad/crash diet, just stop and think for a moment and ask yourself if you want to be on another diet or start living a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of deciding to restrict all of your foods and pushing yourself to do a hard workout your body isn't ready for give something new a try. Add in healthier foods today or a 10 minute walk.

Set yourself up for success and believe you deserve to live a healthy and happy life.