Thursday, August 16, 2012

Levitra and a better understanding of the physiology and psychology

Although it may seem like a statement of the obvious, the penis exists in a fluid state that can go from flaccid to erect, but without the mind properly engaged, you lack the necessary control to enjoy a successful sex life. Everything starts with the level of your libido. Long before we get to the mechanical side of pumping blood and trapping it inside the penis, you have to find the situation sexually stimulating and, equally important, you have to remain sufficiently interested to maintain the erection until you come to ejaculation. All the rest is just plumbing.
This brings us to a complicated place: your brain. It's here that thoughts form and a range of information is processed. You ears pick up sounds, your eyes see things, your nose picks up subtle odors and then there's everything you touch. Put all this together and you have what the scientists call the psychogenic erection. In other words, until your mind accepts the apparent opportunity, there's no physical response. As with everything inside the brain, there's a balance between forces that inhibit our actions and the forces that encourage us to action. This is one of the reasons why many of the antidepressants affect the libido. Once you start interfering with the way the brain processes messages, it distracts from the stimuli that might excite us. This produces a basic reality. A willing partner can give direct stimulation to your penis but, if you are not in the mood, no erection comes. Now put this in context for this article.
Levitra is a wonderful drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In the majority of cases it works every time, the first time you take it. Most men are so willing for the erection to come, the drug just gives the final push and the plumbing is working again as it should. But there's a hard core of men where either there's a physical problem, usually an injury, or a mental inhibition that prevents the formation of an erection. Obviously, there's nothing a drug can do to overcome a physical injury, say, to the spine. Similarly, Levitra is not going to work unless you get your head into the game. In such cases, you may have to accept the need for counseling.

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