Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starve Yourself for Two Days Then Eat Only Super Foods

Okay so, over the last few years I've been interested in life extension programs, and some of the ideas put forth by various futurists, and those at Stanford's Singularity Institute. It seems to me that in the future humans will be able to live for hundreds and hundreds of years, not just limited to the average actuary charts of today. Of course, we have to wait until this research is done, and they unlock all the secrets to longer life. Luckily, our scientists are doing that right now. Okay so let's talk about this for a moment shall we?

Each week, we see more and more research and studies on various super foods that people should include in their diets. It makes sense that certain foods work exceptionally well with the human genome, as humans have evolved over time with the same plants, which have become one with their diets. Of course, today much of the soil is depleted, and problematic, therefore making it difficult to get the proper nutrients even in the super food vegetable groups that we've become accustomed too.

Now then, in studying all of this, it appears to me that your best bet for living forever, would be to extend your current life by 20 or 30 years. That means you need to do everything right, exercise, eat healthy, and prevent yourself from being in a wayward accident, major civil unrest, or war until which time these new life extension research projects give us the answer.

It would seem to me the best way to ensure that your super foods are doing what they're supposed to is to get your stomach completely empty and completely hungry before you deluge it with any given super food which is supposed to treat any particular ailment or potential unhealthy condition. After all, many of the research studies show that certain foods prevent certain ailments. But, if you are mixing all those foods with other foods, the enzymes in your stomach at any given time are not set up to take in those super foods, and distribute them to the right place, although the combinations might solve yet a different problem instead.

What if you were to starve yourself for not more than two days, only drinking water, and lightly eating a few items along the way, and then have a whole bowl of a given super food? Perhaps, you have hereditary genes which make certain types of cancer possible. Well then, should you eat the super foods in this way, which have been shown by research to prevent such types of cancer?

It seems to me, after reasoning this out, and doing the research, that that makes sense. Luckily, myself I don't have any predispositions to any no life-threatening challenges. Nevertheless, this is what I've come up with, and I ask that you please consider it all and think on it.

FYI Disclaimer: This is not a scientific study, rather it is my honest opinion and assessment from my POV.

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